GlassDharma has closed

As we head towards retirement, we wish you all well, especially in these pandemic times. We wholeheartedly appreciate the thousands of wonderful customers that we have been able to serve, both wholesale and retail, over the years. It has been our delight to be of service to all of you.

As you may know, our lifetime guarantee is good for the life of the business.

However, we have been approached by a wonderful couple in Washington state who make glass straws, that want to take over our guarantee for us!

Kattie & Jeremy have been in business for 10 years and have an outstanding collection of glass straws and accessories to offer. Should any of our straws break, you can go to their website DrinkingStraws.Glass and click on guarantee for information on how to get your glass straw replaced. While there may be some minor differences between the designs of their straws and ours, they will do their best to replace your straw with an equivalent of theirs.

In addition to covering our warranty, DrinkingStraws.Glass would also like to offer you a 21% discount for all GlassDharma customers that shop at DrinkingStraws.Glass.
Use code: love-dharma21.
This offer is good thru out all of 2021!!

Thanks again for all of your support through the years.
- David & Gail
(this email will remain active until at least March of 2021)