2015 Earth Day Give Away!
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We hope this video and quiz inspires you to keep sharing your love for our planet and to check out the additional resources listed below. Our thanks go to http://itsaplasticworld.com/ for giving us permission to use their video.

Make sure you check out the 5 gyres blog for some current reports on plastic accumulations.We all need to do our part in lowering our plastic consumption and being an inspiration to others. Our GlassDharma glass drinking straws continue to be great educational tools to remind ourselves and others that simple changes do add up.  As Gina Murphy-Darling from Mrs. Green's World says, “Small Steps. Big Impact.”  Happy Sipping!

— Gail Johnson and David Leonhardt, Co-founders of GlassDharma


1 to 1 movement  http://1to1movement.org/  
5gyres.org  http://5gyres.org/     
Be Straw Free http://bestrawfree.org/  
Beach Environmental Campaign Hawaii http://www.b-e-a-c-h.org/  
I  Love A Clean San Diego http://ilacsd.org/    
Jen B TV http://www.jenbtv.com
Mission: Clean Beaches http://www.missioncleanbeaches.com/
Mrs. Green's World http://www.mrsgreensworld.com/
My Plastic Free Life http://myplasticfreelife.com/  
Ocean Conservancy http://oceanconservancy.org/  
One More Generation  http://onemoregeneration.org/  
Plastic Pollution Coalition http://plasticpollutioncoalition.org/
Save Our Beach - Seal Beach http://www.saveourbeach.org/  
Take 3 - A Clean Beach Initiative  http://www.take3.org.au/  
The Green Divas  http://thegreendivas.com/  
Two Hands Project http://www.twohandsproject.org/


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