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Do you have a story or testimonial (or cute picture) about GlassDharma drinking straws? - Share it with the world ...

Hi David-
just wanted to forwad some good feedback your way.

I am a glass dharma convert - my husband purchased some straws for me back in May - and I completely ADORE them. Not to mention how much I love my bamboo travel case! Have been using them daily and received lots of compliments from coworkers as well as random commuter peers on my way to work on the train each morning. I've forwarded your website info to a bunch of folks recently - so if you suddenly see a sudden increase in purchases from the eastern massachusets (Boston, Cambridge, Marshfield, etc.) area - think you have me to blame! folks out on this coast are delighted you are doing what you do... I'll be placing several more orders soon for holiday celebration--until then, all best wishes to you and the Dharma crew!

Ali R. - Cambridge, MA

Hi David ... even Tiger loves the straws ... thought you would enjoy the photo.

Susan S., Ph.D- Beverly Hills, CA
(Dear Susan, We've thought of trying to teach our Corgi, "Teddy" to wrap his lips around a straw. DL )

I recently ordered the Beautiful Bend straws - both sizes. The smoothie size is great! I am recovering from jaw surgery and my jaw is wired shut for six weeks. I am on a liquid diet, and the wider straw allows easier "input" of my blended creations. Nutrition is important for healing, and with the wider straw I can get more food in me. I use the straw for every single meal. Thank you for such a quality product.

Chuck S. - Trenton, NJ

I never thought I could love a straw, but I do. So does my family, and we all feel great about re-using these beautiful straws instead of tossing out plastic ones after only one use. I am going to give these as gifts to everyone this year!

Thank you, Jackie


I was just gifted a set of your glass dot smoothie straws from the most wonderful man in the world, my husband. I have been ogling these for some time now and was practically giddy when I saw the package in my mailbox.  For months I have been requesting “no straw” when in public and lamenting when they bring me one anyway. Now I whip out my glass straw and proudly proclaim, “No straw please, I brought my own”

I love them! They are beautiful. I think they are just about the best thing to come along since sliced bread. They get noticed every time I use them. People always ask about them, opening the door for me to offer a little education about the perils of plastic. I just wish more people knew there are alternatives to plastic. Using something once and throwing it away to forever sit in a landfill just does not make sense to me. That is why I have been telling everyone about these straws, screaming from the roof tops if you will. I even proclaimed my love for them in my Monday post at The Green Phone Booth. I feel I need to have a stockpile to randomly give to strangers - just to get them to stop and think about it. Thank you for offering such a fantastic practical product! They are definitely worth it.

Rebecca J Brown - Sipping the world in Wisconsin

David, I am so glad I found your Glass Dharma site last year!  I love, love, love my glass straws and am placing another order to expand my collection.  I'm especially excited about the new "shorties" you added this year!  I can't wait to drink my whole fruit margaritas with them! 

Of course, the best part about your straws, is how they are helping people help our environment, one person at a time.

Many thanks for your contribution to creating a cleaner and healthier earth!!
Kathy B. - Sammamish, WA.

Wonderful David! My beloved glass straw was confiscated by my twelve yr old , you're right on the money, kids love em too!

ASAP I'll order enough for everyone here. Holey Moley, I thought it was JUST a straw. This is no ordinary straw and it's such a special treat to use. I felt like the royalty I was intended to be.

Cheryl K. - York, PA.

... I'm delighted first to have found the product, and second, that it's a high-quality product.  About three years ago, I got the notion that it would be great to own reusable glass straws and avoid leaching whatever plastic contains, and I looked all over the internet and couldn't find any.  Then last fall I looked again and found your straws.  I ordered right away, and in my first order I bought two sets I gave for Xmas presents and my friends were just tickled to get them.  My own collection of four each of the sipper, medium length, and tall straws are standing up to daily use  - several times a day - despite the fact that I'm a world-class klutz and have broken uncounted drinking glasses over the years.  You must feel good to have a job creating a product that has so many positives and no negatives. 

Take care and keep up the good work.
Thanks, Tracy P.

hey there!  i received my order today and am more than satisfied.  i've decided that these straws will make great gifts and can't wait for the next birthday to roll around!

my kiddos love the colorful dots and i love that they are reuseable, non-breakable, way more enviro-friendly and less toxic than plastic!

the larger bent straw is for my 83 year old grandmother who has multiple sclerosis and can no longer hold a cup up to drink.  she's been using straws for years and i wish i would have found these long ago!  the thickness will be great for her limited mobility, and i think will make her nightly whiskey and water an even more enjoyable experience = ) !

thanks again!  you'll be hearing from me in the future.

Rebecca S.


I wanted to commend you on such a practical product. Anymore it seems everything is disposable and well frankly a drain on everyones already tight bank accounts and this seems like a useable item that would safe for the enviroment, safer for people and a cheaper overall alternative as well. Its a triple treat I guess you would say.

Thanks for your time.
Angela H, -

David, thanks so much!

The straws are lovely and I have them in a ruby red vase where they look like flowers! I am using one and just love it!

Whitney B. , DrPH, RN - Laredo, TX

Dear David,

I have been meaning to write you to tell you how much I *love* my new glass smoothie straws!  My goal for 2009 is to replace all plasticware in my kitchen.  I have always felt guilty for using plastic straws but allowed my desire to drink with a straw outweigh my desire to save this beautiful planet.  Sad when thought of that way but unfortunately, true.  I'll be buying more straws and will recommend them to friends and family.  Thank you so much for not only offering this alternative, but a beautiful & fun alternative!

Kate F. - Atlanta, GA

Hi, just want to thank you for the very quick service and quality product! I can't believe I've received my beautiful glass straws already. Thank you so very much!

Sylvie H. - Victoria, BC

The glass straws I ordered are beautifully made and a pleasure to use. Thank you very much. Best wishes for 2009.

Mary M. - Eugene OR

We recently received our order of (6) colored-dot straws and (4) plain ones, and wanted to let you know that we love them. I was concerned about the safety and environmental issues of plastic straws (made in China), so I searched for an alternative. (Especially since our two children use straws almost every day in their juice and soy milk!) Our GlassDharma straws are perfect and the kids love them. They are super easy to clean, and I store them upright in a non-breakable cup on our counter. Great product!

Jeanine B. - Temecula, CA

... Your straws are functional, eco-friendly, safe, and beautiful---a perfect addition to our store and a product that we ourselves are delighted to use!

Patricia L. - Plymouth, MI
Scents of Delight

Hello David,

I just wanted to let you know that my straws arrived today and I am in awe of how perfect and beautiful they are!! thank you for such a quality product. I am going to order several more sets in the future for myself and for gifts - I think everyone should have some of these!

Vanita S. - Clinton, MS

What a GREAT idea!  Everyone should have a glass straw!  My office requires us to use covered containers to hold our beverages.  Unfortunately, my dishwasher was burning up the straws that came with the cups.  I found David’s site while trying to find replacement straws for my cups.  David was wonderful enough to create the length I needed for my cups.  The straws are wonderful!  Not only does my Diet Pepsi taste like it supposed to (no longer have burnt plastic taste), but the straw is so smooth I find myself taking extra sips!   I ordered 4 custom 10” Simple Elegance straws and 4 of the Ice Tea straws.  I love every one of them!

Thank you so much David!  I’ll definitely order more in the future; for myself and friends!

Rhonda Bailey - Lakewood, WA.

"I just wanted to write to say that the set of four decorative dots  straws I just ordered on Tuesday showed up nicely packaged today  (Thursday--so fast!). They are beautiful and I know we will really  enjoy using them. Thanks for such a lovely product and such quick  delivery! …  my son just made himself a smoothie and  tried one of the straws. Very nice and smooth and sturdy-feeling. I  found your straws online when I was looking for an alternative to  plastic straws since we do a lot of juicing and smoothies and the  kids just love to use straws. What a perfect solution. I'll make sure  to spread the word."

Lisa D. – Wyandotte, MI

"As a starbucks junkie, I am always slurping plastic in order to get my summer-time fix of iced coffee drinks. Now that I have my own glass straw, I can bypass the environmental and health hazards associated with our nation's obsession with plastic. Not to mention the paper straw wrappers lining the floor of my car have disappeared!"

Cassie B. – Orange County, CA

" For 25 years I have had to drink through a straw because I no longer have control over the left side of my face. Drinking everything from a straw, even hot coffee, is like sucking on a piece of plastic or paper. I no longer use plastic containers in the microwave because of plastics leaching chemicals but still had to drink everything from plastic straws. The glass straws are much more attractive and give me a nice feeling ,almost like drinking from a cup again. The size is just perfect for my mouth."

"The larger glass straws are great for milk shakes."
Jeanie P. – San Joaquin County, CA

"I love your straws and use them everyday. They are so durable, I even travel with them -- especially since you offer a lifetime guarantee against breakage! It feels good knowing that I am not drinking out of a plastic straw or adding plastic to the landfill."
Cherie Soria, Owner -Living Light International, Fort Bragg, CA

“… Makes a chick drink even classier.”

Lisa C. – Roseville, CA

"I love my glass straw..and so does my dentist.. Using this type of straw for coffee and dark soda drinks have saved so much money on my whiting process.. The dentist long ago has often told me to use straws..and now I have my own personal straw in my handbag and love it...These straws are very easy to keep clean.

Thanks again, a customer for life,"
Valerie K. – NorCal, CA

"Cheri gave us one of the clear 9.5 bend straws to try.  We loved it and decided to go with colored dots for our first order.   We will be ordering again in the future ~ coming up with fun gift ideas.  I will also share your website with friends and family.  Hope this is a huge success for you!"

JoAnne B. – Linden, CA

"... I love my glass straw, by the way, and use it pretty much every day - thank you :-)"

Gayle M. – Gold River, CA

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