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making glass strawsWE USE EXCLUSIVELY BOROSILICATE GLASS - the strongest commercially available.

WE ADHERE TO A FORMULA provided by Corning, Inc. for annealing our straws under computer controlled conditions. The temperature and ramping rates dictated by this formula are crucial to reducing residual stress in the glass and give it the highest possible levels of resistance to thermal and physical shock. We have found the annealing process to be understood “differently” by various glass artists and we have taken great pains to ensure that we understand this process and that our kilns are properly calibrated and programmed.

DESIGN MATTERS. Design is important for the durability of a straw. It is common knowledge in glasswork that if glass is fused together in such a way that it creates a fold or groove, it creates a weak point – an invitation for breakage. As the strength of the straw runs length-wise, a groove that also runs lengthwise on the straw would not be as detrimental as a groove that runs laterally or crosswise to the length of the straw.

TECHNIQUE MATTERS: Fusing technique is important in the durability of the straw (i.e. adding a dot to the straw.) If both pieces of glass are not hot enough, the result is an inferior joint and susceptible to breakage. Not all designs lend themselves to proper fusing. A design giving a desired visual effect may not be able to be fused properly, due to the heat levels involved in that technique, or if properly fused, the time required to do this would dictate that the price of the straw would be higher than it would reasonably sell for.
We take great care during the development of our designs, our production processes, the monitoring of our kilns and quality control procedures making our straws the most durable on the market. This is what defines us as the industry leader.

UNBREAKABILITY. We do not claim that our straws are unbreakable. They are, after all, glass. What we do, however is make our glass straws as durable as possible using processes and techniques mentioned above.