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making glass straws Since March of 2007 GlassDharma has been producing glass drinking straws. The GlassDharma mission is to create world-wide awareness about single use plastics and how damaging plastic straws are to our environment. Glass Straws provide an alternative that eliminates the need for straws made from plastic.

In 2007, David Leonhardt launched GlassDharma and handled all of the operations by himself. The website launched In 2008 and David was joined by his wife, Gail Johnson. Since then, GlassDharma sales has spread to over 60 countries!

GlassDharma welcomes more companies that can combine efforts with us in making more glass straws available. Glass Straws help to educate the public about reducing the amount of plastic straws endangering our environment. There is plenty of market-share for all and we encourage a spirit of cooperation and collaboration in our industry.

As of the beginning of 2017, GlassDharma's total number of straws shipped is somewhere between 500,000 to 1 million (many of which were donated to non-profit environmental organizations, schools and participants of our annual Earth Month promotion). We believe that the popularity of GlassDharma straws is due to the growing awareness of the perils of plastic pollution as well as our quality, variety, and excellent customer service!